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What is Axie DoLL?
Axie DoLL is an exciting, fast-paced action game that challenges you to defend Lunacia from hordes of monsters.
Axie DoLL is a game created for the Axie Builder's program.
Choose your favorite Axie to defend Lunacia. Your Axies will have their own special skills within the game!
Defenders of Lunacian Land

DoLL Leaderboard

Why Play Axie DoLL?
Axie DoLL is based on the addicting genre of games introduced by the likes of Vampire Survivors, Magic Survival and
Axie DoLL is designed with competition at its core. A leaderboard is maintained to prove your skills to the community. High placements on the leaderboard will reward players with monetary earnings using the Ronin blockchain.
Draft Mode is a competitive feature which allows players to draft their favorite skills and compete directly against other players in matches. An exciting eSport is being born with draft mode!
Ryan w/ Axie Faction

Defenders of Lunacian Land